Bitcoin Transaction Checkup Tool

TxCheckup is a free Bitcoin transaction analysis tool. It allows you to check the confirmation status and properties of every Bitcoin transaction, tracking its inputs and outputs in real time. The tool displays various attributes such as the fee, size, weight, time, and more. Each check is simple and can be completed with just one click.

For unconfirmed transactions, you can check whether all transaction ancestors have been confirmed. Additionally, all transaction descendants are analyzed. This process enables us to calculate the effective feerate. The effective feerate is the actual feerate that miners consider when deciding whether to include your transaction in the next block.

We aim to present only the most crucial and essential information, concealing overly technical details to prevent overwhelming the user. Nevertheless, we assert our ability to provide more information than other comparable tools, highlighting important details that may not be visible elsewhere.

We respect your privacy! We exclusively utilize our own servers and Bitcoin nodes to extract transaction data. We neither rely on third parties nor transmit any data to them. Furthermore, we refrain from retaining transaction logs and IP address logs.

If your transaction is unconfirmed, you can utilize our Free Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator to expedite the process. For those planning to broadcast a new transaction, our Bitcoin Fee Calculator can help calculate the most optimal fee. With BitRef, you can conveniently track the balance and transactions of any Bitcoin address.

Transaction information is automatically refreshed every minute.